Regular Cleaning and Maintenance will extend the life of your cool room, prevent down time and unsightly appearance:

A cold storage area needs to be cleaned properly and correctly at regular intervals. This cleaning helps prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria & eliminates  any bad odour’s. These elements can prove to be very dangerous or fatal to persons who consume food products stored in unclean environments. It may also adversely affect the flavour of any food items.

Benefits of a correctly cleaned & functioning cold storage include:

  • Less food spoilage
  • Less opportunity for contamination
  • Improved Airflow
  • Better cooling capacity
  • Energy saving

Panels and surfaces:

Coolroom Panels should be cleaned once a week. The interiors and exterior panels can be wiped over with a soft cloth which has been soaked in warm soapy water and wrung dry. Rinse with clean water and then wipe all surfaces dry, – Micro fibre clothes are good for this purpose. Always keep floors clean and clear of food particles. Food and food containers should not be stored on floors.

Doors and Door Seals

Clean door seals are essential for a good door closure. Door seals can be cleaned regularly using warm soapy water and a soft sponge. A soft brush can be used for the grooves of the seals. Dry all seals with a clean cloth. Check seals regularly for cracks – New seals can be ordered from Lazco.

Check door handles and check doors are securely on tracks.All hardware can be ordered from Lazco. Do not leave doors open for long periods of time as this will cause the temperature in the room to increase as outside warm air enters and this can cause excessive ice build up on the evaporator which in turn will result in warmer storage conditions.


The condenser should be cleaned quarterly or more often in Dusty or dirty conditions. Dirt build up on the Unit can reduce the efficiency of your system. It may also cause the  fan motor to fail which can lead to the condenser burning out. Please contact our Service division for a scheduled maintenance where we will clean the condenser to prevent this from occurring.

Evaporator Drain

Dirt, Grime and Food Particles can lodge in and cause blockages in the cold room evaporator drain. Use a jug of warm water to flush the drains clear.

Contact Lazco Service Department immediately if your cool room temperature is too high, if you hear unusual noises or if your room starts to alarm.