Your Lazco Bain Marie is a Heated well  for the storage/servery of pre-cooked food products.The well is designed for the use of GN1/1 food pans._7008543

Your Lazco Bain Marie warming element is controlled by a digital controller, located on the control panel. The thermometer on the control panel has been designed to function as a guide for operation only. It reflects the temperature beneath the pans. The thermometer does not directly reflect the temperature of the food in the pans. Your Lazco Bain Marie can be operated either wet or dry.


  • Place all the pans in the Bain Marie.
  • Set the Digital Control to the required temperature
  • Allow the Bain Marie to pre-heat (approx.15 minutes)
  • Placing PRODUCT in the pans. An operating position of around 2 to 2½ should suffice, but experience will dictate the best position for the particular food being displayed.
  • Please note: Care should be taken while operating dry not to leave the energy regulator on HIGH for extended periods as this may damage the thermometer.(See table 1.1 below)


  • When using A wet operation ensure there is sufficient volume of water placed in the tank.
  • Fill the tank with fresh clean water to a level where it just touches the bottom of the element. (Not so high as to touch the undersides of the pan). If the water level is too high, performance will be compromised. NB Hard water( water with high mineral content, Bore water and poor water quality can lead to accelerated corrosion of the tanks so clean distilled or filtered water should be used
  • Place all the pans in the Bain Marie.
  • Turn the digital control to high and pre-heat the Bain Marie, bringing the water up to a temperature of approximately 65-70°C. ( Approx. 20 – 30 minutes.)
  • Once temperature is reached, place the food in the supplied pans
  • The digital control can be returned to a lower, operating value/temperature . As for dry operation, around 2 to 2½ should suffice, You will become aware best position for the particular food being displayed (see Table 1.1 below)



  • Use clean, fresh water at all times. The addition of a slice of lemon or lemon drops to the water daily will help to prolong the life of the element.
  •  Allow the water to cool before draining the tank.
  • The tank and element can then be wiped clean using hot soapy water and sponge or cloth.
  • Clean daily to prolong the life of the element and tank. Do not use a metal sourer.

In some areas hard water may cause a residue to build up on the surface of the tank and element. This should be removed to prevent corrosion to the tank and/or element failure.

Leakage is due to corrosion and can be prevented by adhering to the maintenance as above.

CAUTION: Although every care is taken during manufacture to remove all sharp edges, care should be taken when cleaning to avoid injury especially when cleaning under the rims to avoid contact with possible sharp edges.


Table 1.1 Hot Set Point 65c       = Dixel Standard Hot

Label Name Range SETTING
Set Set Point LS+US 65 _ _ _
Hy Differential 0,1÷25.5°C/1÷255°F 5 Pr1
CH Kind of Action CL Cooling – Ht Heating Ht Pr 1
rES Resolution In=integer; d E=dec.point In Pr2
Idf Interval between defrost cycles 1 to 120 minutes 0 Pr1
Mdf Max Length Defrost 0÷255 minutes 0 Pr2
ALU Max Temp Alarm Set÷110.0°C; Set÷230°F 100 Pr2
ALL Min Temp alarm -50.0°C÷Set/-58°F÷Set 20 Pr2
PbC Kind of Probe Ptc ; Ntc Ptc Pr 1



Before Ringing for Assistance please check

  • The machine is plugged in correctly and the power is switched on.
  • The power point is functioning correctly and not faulty.
  • The thermostat is not in the “OFF” position.
  • The Thermostat knob is not loose or broken, rendering the thermostat inoperable.
  • Only after all these points have been checked should you call for service.      contact-us