LUCY Cold well Buffet


The LUCY cold well is a specifically designed commercial Buffet style refrigerated food service unit

  • All Stainless Steel 304 grade finish standard [internal & external]
  • Forced draft refrigeration with Air flow over product
  • Suitable for GN1/1 food pans [x 8 or x 6 depending on model]
  • Supplied with stainless steel night covers [with storage space]
  • Perspex sneeze guards to both sides of unit
  • Heavy duty removable tray races to both sides
  • Heavy duty castors fitted
  • Digital control and temperature display
  • Fully self contained HEAVY USE refrigeration system
  • Easy access for servicing
  • Low voltage LED lighting for greater energy efficiency


Two standard Sizes

“LUCY” 8 Module Coldwell                                                            “LUCY” 6 Module Coldwell

– Dimensions: 2805mm long x 770mm                            – Dimensions: 2140mm long x 770mm

[+ tray races = 1340] wide x 1405mm high                      [+ tray races = 1340] wide x 1405mm high]



– Application 2 – 5C product temperature

– Forced draft evaporator

– Fan cooled condensing unit

– R404A refrigerant


– Digital XR30C Dixel

– Set point 2c T0 5c [adjustable]

– Defrost interval 6hr

– Defrost duration 30 mins

Enviromental Conditions

– Must be controlled

– Ambient room temperature less than 26C

– Relative humidity 60% or less


– 240v single phase

– FLA 8amps



– General cleaning internal trays and surfaces daily

[using non abbrasive cleaning cloths and cleaning products]

– Condensor cleaned every month [using soft brush]

– Full maintenance/service every 4 months

[by suitable trained technician or personal]


Suggested Spare Parts [Sold Seperately]

–       Dixel XR30C

–       Compressor x 1

–       Condensor Fan x1

–       Evaporator fan x 2

–       Relay

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