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Helpful Tips For Designing Commercial Refrigeration

We design and  manufacture refrigeration so that  all  your product is stored and displayed at optimum product requirement.

  • When designing refrigeration we take into account the operating conditions i.e whether your unit will be in air-conditioned or outside temperatures and that’s important.
  •  We manufacture all our commercial refrigeration locally and give extended warranty, good spare parts and technical support.
  • We custom design so size and capacity of unit is designed specific to the area to be installed in. ( so not  limited to off the shelf options. )
  • Our design team will match all aspects of your new unit so it suits your area – colour palate, theme, metal and textured finishes.
  • We have many glass display profiles to choose – straight, angled or curved design contemporary, modern and traditional.
  • Assess is made easy with a choice of  swing, hinged or sliding door options or mix ‘n’ match.
  • We install all safety requirements – internal release mechanisms, alarms, night curtains and safety glasses.
  • The number of shelving can be changed as required to display your product and can made in metal, powder coated or glass.
  • Temperature reading is made easy with installation of digital controls and thermostats for ease of operation.
  • We are fastidious about health requirements using only food safe stainless steel as needed, coving and construction.
  • We Build Specific so that  means our refrigeration has better efficiency, is cost effective and suited to Australian conditions.
  • We manufacture using sturdy quality material and best brand components, which means longer operating life.


Cool room & Freezer Rooms 

Used for storage ,distributors ,manufacturers and retailers,(fish,  dairy,  meat, poultry supply,  fruit and vegetable distributors;
Wine Storage facilities, Agricultural, Mining Industry, pharmaceutical and healthcare and Marine Temperature regulated to suit the particular product you will be storing made to any size you require .Rooms can be Separate or a combination cool room and freezer room.          

Insert Faces

Insert faces for cool rooms are manufactured  for bottle shops, service stations, lunch bars and delis. They can be made with any size wall or display doors in mind, or to fit into an existing cool room.

Up-Right Fridge & Freezers

Perfect for any Business operation and Ideal for Self Service areas where Products and  Drinks can be accessed easily. Ideal for Commercial Kitchens, Medical  Supplies, Mining Camps, Service Stations, Supermarkets, Catering and Florists.Available in Single, Two, Three, Four Door models Constructed in white, Colour and Stainless Steel.                    

Cold Plates

Manufactured to showcase Meat, fish or Antipasto Deli Products the cabinet is built to any length with a flat or  angled cold plate with cooling air flow above.

Cake Display Cabinets

 Perfect for Bakery, Butcher, Deli ,Café, Super-Market or any environment where product is displayed keeping a constant  temperature while displaying your product for the optimal sales. Cabinets can be Cold, Dry or Hot Displays designed in all sizes and Materials with straight or Curved Glass and  single or multiple shelves for display.  

Hot Displays

Manufactured to any shape and size  to match existing cabinets or architectural plans with a Heated well for the storage/servery of pre-cooked food products.  Designed for the use of GN1/1 food pans and can be set to operate either wet or dry.

Bench Cabinets

Bench Refrigeration gives additional cold storage and bench space  close  to your working area. Choice of Draw systems or Doors for easy assess and designed for any location from small single door cabinets to a larger five door model, or  to one that stretches the entire length of your kitchen or even  angled to fit awkward areas. Cabinets can be fixed or on Castors.                          

Cold Wells

Our Cold wells are designed to any size and can  be free standing or Drop in Units and are for self service and ideal for product or prepped food (Salad & Deserts) We  manufacture Heavy duty models suited to mining camps.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

We fabricate individual pieces or entire assemblies. Stainless steel is a vital component in any commercial kitchen and we can create  exactly what you’re after.We manufacture to order from Bench of any shape or length to Splash backs and wall cladding, Exhaust Canopies, Trolleys or Racks and all kitchen needs.

Commercial and Industrial Fit – outs

With over 30 years experience in Refrigeration and Catering we offer the total Service Pack. Our Sales and Design team will work closely with you, architects and our production team to design, source, supply and create your whole project. From the initial design and planning through to commissioning and Hand -Over ensuring Customer Satisfaction lessening your work-load and relieving stress.  No job is Too small or Too large

Design and Consultation

At Lazco  customer care begins with our initial consultation even before your project begins. We do Drawings and Designs and have vast knowledge of Product for Front and Back of house. From your Initial Consultation and through to the Design Phase we work for you supplying you with all your 2D & 3D design drawings and ensuring your equipment choices are the best.

Alfresco Entertaining Designs

We manufacture Alfresco Kitchens to suit all requirements and to any budget  producing the perfect outside room with all refrigerated  Cabinets and stainless steel ensuring you will be the envy of your friends.

Marine Galley Refrigeration and Stainless Steel Products

We Manufacture and Install Custom refrigeration rooms of any shape or dimension, including Garbage store rooms, Main Control and Distribution panels for refrigerated systems and All your Stainless Steel Fabrication needs From Splash Backs to Trolleys. With over 20 years experience in the MARINE Vessel Refrigeration  we do know what’s best.



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