We will Renovate, Repair and Replace your existing Refrigeration  Parts
  • All Cool Room ,Fridge or Freezer door Upgrades and Replacements
  • Glass Door Repairs and  New Glass Panels
  • Cool room and Freezer Room Wall and  ceiling repairs
  • Door seals (Gasket Replacement to ensure better closure and Energy efficiency of all Units)
  • Strip curtains, or night Covers or Blinds for security or Better Efficiency
  • Door Hinges and Door tracks
  • Handles for all Units -Replacement by Matching existing or Upgrades to Modern Handles
  • New Shelving , Shelving Clips and Hardware
  • Silicone seal or on-site welding to damaged panel joints
  • Re- skinning of display Cabinets to Modernise existing Units
  • Condensing Units and Evaporators replacement and Repairs

Re-claiming gas and Re-gassing of Existing Units

Huge Range of spare Parts available – Or Revamp your existing Equipment


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