Commercial kitchen design is a speciality of Lazco’s custom design business. We understand that all projects are unique, with unique requirements and ensure that we take the utmost care of each customer. At Lazco we have long demonstrated experience in designing for a range of industries including the building industry, architectural works, the mining industry, medical grade requirements, commercial and hospitality industries, and marine services.

Commercial Kitchen Design Initial Consultation

At Lazco we are involved with your project from the very beginning. We start with an initial consultation to discuss the needs, requirements and ideas behind your commercial kitchen design. This complimentary in-house service by Lazco allows us to discuss your project thoroughly so any issues can be solved well before the design phase. This consultation also gives our experts the opportunity to make suggestions on the best design and product solutions for your project.

After the initial consultation we then offer onsite consultations. This allows our specialists to take the necessary measurements for your custom commercial kitchen design. Lazco will then prepare fully detailed proposals (effective for 3 months), and 2D and 3D drawings for the project. We work closely with you, your architects,  the services of Qualified professional Kitchen consultants to ensure the best design and layout. This service will ensure you are  making the best equipment choices for your project. Lazco is also available for project management for your commercial kitchen design project.

Commercial Kitchen Design Phase

Our team and the professional Kitchen Consultant will assist with your commercial kitchen design process. We bring invaluable years of front and back of house knowledge to every project. As a result you benefit from the best products and appliances.

Working closely with your team of architects, designers, and builders, Lazco ensures the fabrication and installation of your commercial kitchen is quickly and professionally done. As part of our custom service we provide a range of stainless steel finishes, thicknesses, and grades (including marine-grade). We also offer a powder coating service to ensure all products match your commercial kitchen requirements.

Custom designed appliances, products, details and trims are a speciality of our Lazco design experts. Our local, Perth-based factory produces high quality, bespoke finishes and trims. This allows us to quality control every element of your project. Our designers custom make all stainless steel work, ensuring your project is custom built from start to finish.

If you are interested in our commercial kitchen design services please feel free to contact us today to book your complimentary in-house consultation.