Lazco manufacture all your butcher cabinets from small establishments through to large processing plants. No job is too small or too large. We will manufacture a butcher cabinet that is designed specifically for your business requirements.

Butcher Cabinet Cold Plate

Your cold plate is the main display or service counter of your business. Our team will design your cold plate in any size, dimension and length. The cold plate can be shaped to suit any design, straight, angled or “u”shaped. Our Lazco cold plate air flow technology will keep your meat fresher, for longer.  This means you won’t have to return your meat to the cool room each day saving you time and money.

Self Service Butcher Cabinet

Our team can design self service cabinets of any height or length only limited by the space you have available. The self service cabinet can be made to stand alone or integrated into a longer display. They can be with glass fronts or open display. It allows your customers the option of selecting  their pre-packed meat trays from the display cabinet which makes for faster sales as they are able to make their own choice freeing your staff up to serve others.

Dry Ageing Butcher Cabinet

Now days everyone is a “chef ” and we’ve found the demand for the dry ageing cabinet on the increase. Our customers now want to try  the “best” and that can mean buying aged meats. The purpose of our dry aged meat cabinet is to store the meat for a longer period of time. The air humidity, air circulation and temperature is controlled in a way  that the meat matures but does not spoil. You can age your meat up to 3 months. During this time your meat muscle tissue is vaporized. The meat will degrade itself by its natural enzymes. The result is that the meat feels hard and dry. The meat will look darker. The meat can hang in the dry ageing cabinet so to look modern.

Moveable Butcher Cabinet, Trolleys and Cooking Stations

Moveable butcher cabinets are great for on-site promotions. The small bench cabinets can be turned into cooking stations. The castors allow them to be easily moved to front of shop for cooking demonstrations. Every one loves the smell of cooked sausages. This can possibly increase your sales leading to higher profits!









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