Blast Chillers are an integral part of the modern commercial kitchen and range in size to suit Small cafes and Restaurants through to large production kitchens and food distribution Centers.

infinity.insidejpgOur Clients Making use of today’s technology installing and benefiting from Blast Chillers are :

  • Food Manufacturers
  • Catering Kitchens
  • Pasta and Dough Producers
  • Fruit and Berry Farmers
  • Marine kitchens
  • Mining Camps
  • Cafes
  • Bakeries
  • Ice-cream Producers

What is a Blast Chiller?

 A commercial refrigeration unit that is used to chill food to a safe temperature Chills product and brings the core temperature of food items down through the danger zone (+65°C and +4°C) quickly

Why we recommend the Afinox Blast Chiller Range

  • Easy Control Panel for easy operation
  • Time / Cost effective
  • Space -Units are compact and range in size from Small Reach –in Units, to Larger Roll-in Models , to Largest Tunnel & Pass-through Systems.
  • Sizes 5,8,10,15Tray ,20,40,60 ,80,100,120 Models


  • Food quality is improved because of the rapid chilling process
  • Blast chilling prevents the deterioration that begins immediately at the end of the cooking process when food quality is at its peak.
  • Reduction in the loss of moisture, colour, texture, vitamins and flavour, Frozen food quality can also be enhanced when you are shock-freezing foods.
  • Products that are shock frozen with a blast Chiller are much better quality than those foods frozen in an ordinary freezer.
  • Blast freezing does not allow large ice crystals to form that damage tissues and change food textures


  • An increased shelf life of Blast Chilled & Shock Frozen foods,
  • Reduced wastage of product
  • Better planning and efficiency in your production
  • Easier compliance with food safety
  • Food cost savings, improved food quality and reduced labour are some of the added benefits
  • Production of large quantities of dishes, without repeating the process every day
  • More selections, and substantial savings in purchases and wastes


The Blast Chiller works:

  • Chills product and brings the core temperature of food items down through the danger zone (+65°C and +4°C) quickly.
  • Rapid Chilling means bacterial growth is not an issue.
  • Well engineered air flow design and powerful refrigeration systems
  • Continuously strip away heat from the outside of product and lower its core temperature quickly.
  • Air moves throughout the cabinet, in and out and around the trays at a high velocity, to bring the product down within the guideline specifications.
  • Heat is pulled away from the product first and the process is gentler and less drying on the product.