An industry leader in commercial and industrial food service equipment, Lazco has a wide range of bench fridge options available. Keep ahead of your competition with our top range products. Our high quality bench fridges can also be custom designed to match the requirements for your kitchen and food service requirements. Lazco offers a custom design and trim service to all clients, ensuring you find the best option for your project.

We have years of expertise in providing products for the building, architectural, commercial, industrial and marine industries, Lazco guarantees we can help you find the right product for your kitchen or project.

Bench Fridge Options for your Kitchen

Bench fridge options are invaluable in any commercial or industrial kitchen. Popular for storing sauces, fruit ad dairy, under bench fridges are also perfect for prep areas and behind-servery counters. Food and product is always ready at hand for your prep areas, or your employees. Keeping food cool and frozen is essential in any hospitality environment, making under bench fridges a fantastic option for all industries.

Lazco’s design services ensure you get a high quality, bespoke product fitted precisely for your kitchen and space. We offer aesthetically pleasing modern designs that can be angled to fit unique shaped kitchens and spaces.

Under Bench Fridge Features

Under bench fridge option also include adjustable shelving, temperature and airflow control, and easy clean stainless steel interiors and exteriors. Lazco specialises in marine-grade stainless-steel, ensuring you never need to worry about rust and water damage. From single door to large, three door under bench fridge options, Lazco has everything any commercial or industrial kitchen could want, in store. Each unit features its own benchtop, allowing you to add additional bench space to your kitchen area. Remote and self-contained bench fridges are also available from Lazco.

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