good bakery equipmentLazco are specialists in bakery fit out and bakery equipment. From small bakery shops to large production baker centres. We supply and manufacture quality refrigeration and bakery equipment that will keep your bakery running efficiently from day to day for a very long time.

Custom Made Bakery Equipment

In any bakery or pastry business we know every bit of  space is a premium, so Lazco will create the best baker shop layout for point of sale and supply equipment for back and front of house leading to enhanced sales and better production. Our manufactured refrigerated cabinets, ambient and hot cabinet displays are designed and built specific and can be either single units or integrated into one long display to showcase your product.

Bakery Equipment We Manufacture

  • Refrigerated display cabinets. ( Manufactured in numerous profiles and a range of material finishes. )
  • Cake displays. ( Designed in square, curved or angled glass profiles. )
  • Sandwich display cabinets.
  • Open display cabinets. ( For self service and unlimited designed profiles and heights. )
  • Cool rooms & freezer rooms. ( Purpose built temperature regulated and range of sizes. )
  • Hot displays cabinets.
  • Ambient display cabinets.
  • best bakery equipmentStainless steel trolleys.
  • Stainless steel racks & benches.
  • Stainless steel rrims & wall cladding.
  • Stainless steel benches & bench tops.
  • Bread slicers.
  • Dough sSheeters.
  • Blast chillers.
  • Spiral mixers.
  • Provers & pastry equipment.

Bakery Equipment Design

Our design team will consult you on site. We will share our expert knowledge in bakery shop layouts and we can draw and suggest good floor plans so that your operation runs efficiently. We will supply all refrigeration cabinet work, stainless steel items and benches.

We also supply most major brands and the Afinox Range of Blast Chillers.



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